Plus Flap Pocket Denim Blouse

Plus Flap Pocket Denim Blouse

Looking for a denim blouse with a little something extra? Check out our plus flap pocket blouse! With a stylish flap pocket detail, this blouse is perfect for dressing up or down. Plus, the denim fabric is soft and comfortable, making it a great choice for everyday wear.Q:

Is it possible to use PHP with the Google Calendar API without API key?

I’d like to use Google Calendar API but I can’t find any detailed documentation and tutorials. So I’m really confused :). Maybe it is possible to get access to Google Calendar without setting keys for it. Could you explain if this is possible and how?
In other words: Is there any way to use Google Calendar API without setting API keys and Google accounts?


Currently you can’t because it is not allowed to access Google without API.
But as I understand you from your question. you want create some Google Calendar for someone to create events automatically.
If that’s the case, API is what you need. As Google doesn’t want someone to be able to create events without API.
Hope that helps 🙂


Is that a “bad” word, a “very good” word or a “different” word to say in front of a native speaker?

There is this term as a verb or noun in spoken English language that I’d like to ask you about:
(I’m not concerned about the origin of this term nor about the origin of this verb/noun, nor I’m concerned about the colloquial use of this term as a verb/noun)
For example:
Let’s say somebody uses this term or its variant to make fun of the accent of a native speaker, do they actually used a bad word or a very good word?

a) That person is a bad/good speaker.
b) That person speaks a very bad/good accent.
c) That person is a different/normal speaker.
d) That person should be better or worse.
e) That person has a different(normal or good/bad) accent.


As a native English speaker with a (US) Southern accent, I don’t understand your example. The term you are referring to is an English speaking American usage, not one from my region so this is not a question about my native language usage.
‘That person has a bad accent’ would be my impression and not quite a bad word.
In my mind, ‘that person

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