Plus High Waist PU Leather Shorts

Plus High Waist PU Leather Shorts

Looking for something sexy and stylish? Check out our Plus High Waist PU Leather Shorts! They’re perfect for a night out or a special occasion.
– Top and bottom of both shorts are made from leather, giving you a strong yet smooth look and feel
– These shorts feature a wide-leg cut with a slight flare
– Elastic waistband with gold button closures ensures comfort and holds these shorts to your body

A casual look for every occasion, the PU Leather Shorts feature a wide-leg cut and are perfect for everyday. This style comes with a button, zip, and button closure.
This pair is a great fit for your life, work, and play.

The Plus High Waist Low Rise Shorts offer comfort and support. They have a wide-leg cut and low rise for a flattering look. Top and bottom are made from a variety of premium materials. They include gold button closures. These shorts are a flattering choice for you.

A casual look for every occasion with the Plus Leather Thigh High Shorts! This style features a high-waist cut and a flattering flap on the waist. An elastic waist closure ensures a comfortable fit.

Looking for a pair of shorts that is both practical and stylish? Try one of the High Leg Stretch Jeans! They feature all stretch to ensure a flattering fit for your life, work, and play.Q:

C++11/C++14 thread management (shared_ptr, unique_ptr, unique_lock)

I’m having difficulty converting my lock-free code to C++11 and C++14. I can’t use the std::shared_lock::try_lock() / std::try_lock() functions, because it appears that they may be subject to a performance degradation at the time of writing the paper.
I can’t use the std::lock() function nor the std::recursive_mutex, due to the fact that the code is multithreaded.
The thing is: I can’t use std::mutex, because it seems to be subject to some race conditions.
So, I must be able to use only std::shared_ptr.
The problem is that the objects I’m managing (they don’t have a reset() method) are not guaranteed to be destroyed when the thread dies. They need to be garbage collected. So, I have to use std::shared_ptr.
I’m not able to call member functions on shared_ptr, e.g., ptr->method.
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