Plus Slogan Graphic Top stitching Drop Shoulder Sports Tee

Plus Slogan Graphic Top stitching Drop Shoulder Sports Tee

Looking for a new sports tee? Check out our plus size options with a trendy drop shoulder and graphic slogan. Top stitching detail adds a finishing touch.

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Bernie Sanders was at a rally for a union in Nevada today. They needed to use a smaller venue due to security concerns, but they had a live taping of a Fox News show there, so that led to… a Bernie Sanders debate.

As the first question came from Eric Bolling’s show, it started with Sanders. The crowd and the audience was about 400, and only got more packed in after that. They asked his campaign about the new healthcare plan, how the candidates will deal with the Republican Senate, and how Sanders will approach Trump’s America.

Sanders is also currently in New Hampshire, visiting with labor union members and college students.

He didn’t really say all that much. The best part of the whole thing isn’t on-screen, it’s in the crowd. Sanders and his wife Jane were giving a lot of thanks to union members, and the whole time you could see him fighting back tears. It was a very emotional moment for him.

This all happened just days after the shooting in Nevada. The first question on-screen (and the most questions on the night) was about him wanting to make violence unacceptable. “What about when it comes to the shootings in the past week? Do you think that was unacceptable also?” Fox News host Megyn Kelly asked.

To the crowd it sounded like she was asking him if he was responsible for the shootings, and in a way, the

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