Plus Wrap Hem Knot Front Wide Leg Pants

Plus Wrap Hem Knot Front Wide Leg Pants

Looking for a new go-to pant? Check out our plus wrap hem knot front wide leg pants! With a flattering fit and trendy details, these pants will become your new favorite. Dress them up or down for any occasion. Shop now and get free shipping on orders over $50!

Suit up in a shirt and tie that is as classic as you in this mens black suit. Whether you wear it to work, play or to a wedding, it is guaranteed to please you and those around.

The ideal suit for work, weekend, casual or formal! 100% combed and flat-woven cotton with a slim-fit, which is versatile enough to wear with jeans or dress pants. An open-front shirt pocket and button-down collar.

If you’re tired of having to constantly adjust your suit to fit, then it’s time you got some wide-leg trousers. This pair will take your wardrobe up a notch because they fit from the waist to the ankles in one comfortable piece. This is perfect for those business trips or special occasions when you want to wear the suit but do not want to spend as much time getting it to fit.

These trousers are designed with a wide leg from the start. They have the signature embroidered logo across the front of the thigh. These wide-leg trousers also have an elasticated tab that you can wear to take up the excess space at the front of the ankles to create the appearance of higher leg wear. The elastic tab is attached to a hook and eye and you should be able to pull the leg upwards to create the illusion of a higher leg shape.

If this is of no use, you can always get your tailor to take out some of the material from the trousers where the elastic joins the trousers and cut the material so that you can create this same effect. Also remember that the waist band is narrower on these trousers than on other pair of suit trousers.

It is not practical for the trouser to run too long or the legs to become too small on a man due to the elastic and therefore we have designed these clothes to stretch on the leg so that you can always fit into these trousers.

These trouser are available in Black and Navy. We also offer a wide variety of suits and trousers in other traditional colors like navy and black but are available in all the most popular colors around. All of our clothing is always in stock and can be delivered to you faster than you think. So take a look at the collection of suits to keep you looking your very best!

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