Sheep Design Bath Headband

Sheep Design Bath Headband

Looking for a unique gift? Check out our sheep design bath headband!

It’s as functional or decorative as you like!

It is not enough that you have a brilliant mind as it is not a product of the intellect.


The mind is a very fragile and sensitive material whose purpose is to serve as a medium for the spirit to do its work.


It cannot, under the law of karma, protect from its effects; therefore, the way to protect the mind from suffering is to be free from the defilements of lust, ill will, greed or sensual desire so that the mind can become pure.


The mind has to be freed from the defilements of ill will, greed, and sensual desire before it can attain transcendental knowledge, the knowledge of Self.


Without knowing Self, the mind becomes involved in the world as an individual, even the mind which is the agent of actions.


This, however, is contrary to the nature of knowledge.


With the mind so involved in the world and without knowledge of the Self, the mind cannot enjoy the happiness that follows the practice of good actions.


Good actions lead to happiness and bad actions to suffering.


The nature of knowledge is of two kinds : (i) knowing Self and (ii) knowing the world.


The first kind of knowledge is transcendental and the other is only worldly.


Transcendental knowledge is knowledge of the Self, which does not belong to the senses alone and is the only knowledge with which the sage is acquainted.


Good actions are to be performed both in this world and the next.


But the bad actions done in this life prevent a man’s being able to enjoy the fruits of his good actions in the next.


Accordingly, a man must shun such actions as sensual desire and ill will, etc.


Manifestation is an attribute of spirit. But if one attains to knowledge of the Self, which is the formless and noumenal state, then one transcends the world as an individual and becomes a spiritual being.

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