Strawberry Print Waterproof Makeup Bag

Strawberry Print Waterproof Makeup Bag

Looking for a cute and stylish way to store your makeup? Check out our selection of strawberry print waterproof makeup bags! These bags are perfect for keeping your makeup safe and dry, and they look great too! Take a look.

Whether you’re going out to the beach, to a picnic with friends or just to work, you’ll want to pack your makeup in a waterproof, stylish pouch. Here are a few that we think work great. The top ten are:

1) Tempting Pouch by Posh Beauty

You might think this is the cutest thing in the whole world, and we love the whimsical look of this pouch. It’s a great way to store cosmetics if you’re on the go all the time. No need to mess with finding little plastic containers for your face. The best part is, this one is only $12 and it comes in five different cute designs. It has a zipper so that you can close it up whenever it’s not in use.

This makeup bag is the perfect sized pouch to fit you most of your essential cosmetics, like foundation/bcc. It’s also a great little bag to use for when you’re away from home. These little makeup bags are available for a few different prices, and they come in all sorts of cute patterns and designs. We suggest the three-quarter size $12 beauty and the one-sixth size $10 makeup pouch.

3) Strawberry Makeup Pouch by Temptalia

This cute, waterproof makeup pouch is from the Temptalia brand and is perfect for storing a few bits and pieces. They feature prints by the brand that offer a unique look. This pouch holds plenty of essentials in a small pouch – like foundation, bronzers and blush, and is priced at $10.

4) Waterproof Compact By Temptalia

This cute little makeup pouch only costs $7 and is perfect for storing your daily essentials, like powders, bronzer and a bit of eye cream. It’s perfect for day trips, shopping, getting ready and also the beach.

5) Waterproof Compact by Temptalia

While we’re on the Temptalia brand, here’s a beauty pouches that really show off the company’s ability to come up with fabulous designs without relying solely on prints, and this is proof. This pouch is waterproof, comes with a keychain and is only $8. They also do makeup bags and cosmetic makeup pouch to make your next event stress-free.

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