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Todd and Natalie Break Up Rumors: Is She No Longer With Toddy

Todd and Natalie Break Up
Todd and Natalie Break Up
Todd and Natalie Break Up

Recent rumors of Todd and Natalie Break Up have been widely discussed topic on internet let’s explore the details in this article.

Natalie Noel and Toddy Smith were one of the most beloved couples in the social media world. They seemed to have it all: a cute romance, a supportive friendship, and a successful career.

So what went wrong between Natalie and Toddy? How did their relationship go from sweet to sour? And what are they doing now that they are single? Here’s everything we know about their breakup.

Natalie Noel, who is best known as David Dobrik’s assistant and friend, met Toddy Smith, a member of the Vlog Squad, in 2017. They became friends and started dating in early 2020 after Natalie broke up with her previous boyfriend.

They kept their relationship low-key at first, but soon they started posting adorable photos and videos of each other on their social media accounts.

They also appeared in many of David’s vlogs, where they often joked about their love life and teased each other.

Natalie and Toddy seemed to have a lot in common: they both loved traveling, partying, and having fun. They also supported each other’s careers and projects.

Natalie helped Toddy with his music and podcast, while Toddy encouraged Natalie to launch her own clothing line and YouTube channel.

Todd and Natalie Break Up

Things started to change in late 2021 when David announced his hiatus from YouTube due to the controversy surrounding his former friend Dom Zeglaitis.

Natalie, who was very close to David, stood by his side and helped him deal with the backlash. She also took over his social media accounts and posted updates on his behalf.

Toddy, on the other hand, continued to make content for his own channel and podcast, as well as for other creators like Scotty Sire and Jason Nash.

This created a distance between Natalie and Toddy, who had less time to spend together. They also had different opinions on how to handle the situation.

According to a source close to the couple, Natalie wanted Toddy to be more supportive of David and less involved with the Vlog Squad, while Toddy wanted Natalie to be more independent and less attached to David.

The source also claimed that Natalie and Toddy had different goals for their future. Natalie wanted to settle down and start a family someday, while Toddy wanted to keep living the influencer lifestyle.

They also had different personalities: Natalie was more introverted and reserved, while Toddy was more outgoing and adventurous.

The source said that Natalie and Toddy tried to work things out for a while, but they realized that they were not compatible anymore. They decided to end their relationship amicably and remain friends.

The couple had kept their relationship mostly out of the spotlight, but they occasionally posted pictures and videos of their happy moments together.

The last time they appeared as a couple on social media was in late March 2023, leaving fans wondering what had happened to their romance. The details of the breakup are still unknown, but the announcement has triggered a lot of online chatter and speculation.

Fans are trying to figure out what went wrong, looking for clues and rumors that have emerged since the news came out. In the world of social media, celebrity relationships are often subject to intense scrutiny, and the breakup of Natalie and Todd shows that even influencers have to deal with the challenges of love and loss.

Did Natalie and Todd Break Up?

The breakup of Natalie Noel and Toddy Smith has shocked their fans, who have followed their romance since they started dating in February 2020.

The couple, who kept their relationship mostly private, occasionally posted pictures and videos of themselves on social media.

However, they announced their separation in late March 2023, sparking rumors and speculations among their audience.

Many fans are wondering what caused the split, and are looking for clues on various online platforms. The breakup of Natalie and Todd shows that even influencers have to deal with the difficulties of love and heartbreak.

As the former couple moves on with their lives, the interest in Natalie Noel and Toddy Smith’s breakup reflects the challenges that come with relationships in the spotlight.

After Todd and Natalie Break Up

Natalie is currently focusing on her career as David’s assistant and as a businesswoman. She is working on her clothing line Natalee Noel Collection, which features casual and chic outfits for women.

She is also planning to launch her own YouTube channel soon, where she will share more about her personal life and interests.

Toddy is also busy with his career as a musician and a podcaster. He is working on his debut album, which will feature songs inspired by his life experiences.

He is also hosting his podcast Zane & Heath: Unfiltered with his friend Zane Hijazi, where they talk about various topics with humor and honesty.

Both Natalie and Toddy seem to be doing well after their breakup. They have not been linked to anyone new yet, but they have been spotted hanging out with their friends and having fun.

They have also received a lot of love and support from their fans, who hope that they will find happiness again.

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