Toddler Boys High Waist Tapered Jeans

Toddler Boys High Waist Tapered Jeans

Looking for something special in toddler boys’ jeans? Check out our high waist tapered jeans! They’re perfect for your little guy!

Kids’ Jeans for Boys and Girls

Finding the right kids’ jeans for your boys and girls can be fun, challenging and frustrating all at the same time. Choosing the right pair of jeans for your boy is different that choosing the right pair of jeans for your girl. There are no specific measurements or trends. Boys and girls have their own differences when it comes to sizing and fit in clothing.

Our best advice: Buy what fits!

If a pair of jeans looks too big in measurement but fits right on the hips, go ahead and buy them. We have more than 30 styles of jeans that are made especially for boys and girls so just get one that fits your little boy.

How do I put a size on my kids’ jeans?

There are two ways to determine the size of a pair of jeans for your little one: measure the waistline of the jeans or measure their length. There are several key measurements for your little boy’s jeans. The most important one is the inseam measurement – that’s the measurement that runs from where the hem of the jeans ends to the bottom of the inside leg. The second measurement is usually the inseam measurement and the rise measurement – that’s the measurement on the backside of the rise starting from the seat to the crotch. For pants the rise is about 1 inch, and for denim jeans usually about ¾ inch.

If you have a pair of pants you like and you’re unsure of the sizes, just measure your little boy on the waist. If the waist measurement is smaller than yours it’s likely a smaller size. The difference can be as wide as 2 inches, so a small boy can be taller and as short as you are – so sizing is a bit of a mixed bag based on kids’ sizing. It can also depend on the style of jeans. For most boys, the jeans should finish above the knee, but if you want to go higher or lower they’re a good option.

You can also measure the pair of jeans by taking both measurements from the top of the waist to the bottom of the inner leg as if you were trying to fit the jeans. For example, if your waistline is 38 inches and your son’s is 36 inches, he’s likely a small. Some boys are a bit extra tight, but usually not. The height of the waist and the rise from the hips to the crotch are

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