Toddler Boys Striped Trim Horse Embroidered Polo Shirt

Toddler Boys Striped Trim Horse Embroidered Polo Shirt

Looking for a stylish and comfortable polo shirt for your toddler boy? Check out our Toddler Boys Striped Trim Horse Embroidered Polo Shirt! Made from soft and breathable fabric, this polo shirt is perfect for active little boys. It features a striped trim and a horse embroidery on the chest for a touch of style. Plus, it has a three-button placket for easy on and off.




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How does a website (eg. facebook or twitter) use a php (mysql) server and then access the database?

I’m building a website and want to know how a website, like facebook or twitter, store a mysql database on the server, let you login to that server (eg. my website) via php and then access this database somehow.
I know this is a broad question. However, I couldn’t find an answer to a specific questions I have.

So for a website, to store the users data, (eg. login data, user/content data etc) what happens is that you give them a form, where they enter data of a user and some text. Then this data is sent to the server (eg. php script). The script then connects to the local mysql that is stored in the /var/www/mysql folder, and then it checks if the input data fits into one of the defined tables in the mysql database. If not, the entry to the database is not made/written. If yes, the entry is made/written. This entry consists of a user’s name, a password, a username, a password hash etc
So how does someone send the data to the server?
If someone logs in, the php script must have a variable $dbconnect = new PDO(“mysql:host=; dbname=user_content”, $user, $pass); and the login script must have an if statement like: if(login_passwd($pass, $user) == true) { /*…do more stuff*/}
How does it check if

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