VEEINK Plus Roll Up Hem Denim Shorts

VEEINK Plus Roll Up Hem Denim Shorts

Looking for the perfect pair of denim shorts? Look no further than VEEINK Plus! Our roll up hem denim shorts are sure to become your new summer staple. Each style is made using some of our most favorite brands such as Stone Island, and Levi’s. Made with soft denim, you’ll be sure to fall in love with these soft stretch fit shorts. Pair this short with your favorite top and sandals for a casual vibe, or pair up this short with your favorite tee for a laid-back feel! Show off your stylish side while making every outfit more complete with a top or dress on top! Pair with your favorite casual accessories to complete your look!The invention relates to a method of controlling a drive system for an occupant protection vehicle restraint and arrangement for control of said drive system.
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