VEEINK Punk Rock 24pcs Glitter Fake Nail & 1sheet Nail Tape

VEEINK Punk Rock 24pcs Glitter Fake Nail & 1sheet Nail Tape

Looking for something fun and different? Check out VEEINK Punk Rock 24pcs Glitter Fake Nail & 1sheet Nail Tape. With a variety of colors and designs, you’re sure to find the perfect look for you. Not only can you use one nail to do many different looks, but the tape has a super sticky adhesive that will stick with anything when applied. With a one year warranty, you can be proud to display this tape and your personality at the same time. Be sure to check out all the other products that VEEINK has to offer here at VEEINK! If your local VEEINK does not have the product you’re looking for in stock, there is always the option of placing an order from our online store. VEE-ONLY.

VEEINK is the ultimate solution for fake nails. It replaces the traditional way of fake nails using a nail for each and every nail. With VEEINK, you can simply place on your natural nails, one side and then with another side you can apply any pattern or color you like.

1 VEEINK – you will receive one VEEINK and 1 sheet. VEEINK is perfect for people who want to give themselves multiple looks with the same manicure, but need to reapply their nails often. If you purchase our nail decals without a nail, they peel up easily; but our nail decals with nail can’t be peeled off. The VEEINK and decals are glued together using a strong and peel-resistant acrylic adhesive.

24 VEEINK – you will receive 12 VEEINK that are the same size like a regular nail polish nail decal, and 12 sheets. The sheets are sticky tape that can stay on for a few days until they dry. You’ll get exactly 12 of each product regardless of the quantity you order, so feel free to mix and match the colors

VEEINK is available in many types of patterns and colors. Want to change the design of your nail polish nail decal? You can. Choose the same theme or a new design from VEEINKs collection and add your nail decal any time.

Choose the right VEEINK and get a new look for your nails any time. VEEINK is simple and easy. Our nail decals are already done for you. You just need to remove the old nail polish decal and apply VEEINK to your nails.

When you purchase VEEINK, you will receive:


1 VEEINK/sheet – 3.8cm x 3.8cm, 5cm x 5cm, and 10cm x

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