VEEINK Split Thigh Cold Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

VEEINK Split Thigh Cold Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

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I’m not using the view inside of the FormBuilder because the field_select widget is not needed in the view.
The problem is if I comment out this line in the update function of AbstractDatatables, the error doesn’t occur.
if (isset($_POST[‘search’]) &&!empty($_POST[‘search’]) && isset($_POST[‘pagenum’]) && $_POST[‘pagenum’] > 0) {

return Datatables::update($this->table_ds->update($options), isset($this->params[‘route_parameter’])? $this->params[‘route_parameter’] : null);
} else {

The only thing I can think of is that the error only occurs when datatables is expecting a json result not the form return data.
Is there anyway to just get rid of this error without having to rewrite the datatables code?


I found the problem.
In the update function of the Datatables class, it was expecting the data to be in a json format.
In my form, I was using the data array I set in the form as the $_POST data and not the $_POST[‘search’] value, which just set a non-json value.
So I passed along the search field to the Datatables’ update function using POST[‘search’];


How to avoid “java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Error” (eclipse)

I’m quite new with eclipse and java programming…
I try to run the “Hello world” program (which is created for me by a friend) and it starts an eclipse and it displays me the Error page:

I do know that if I do it for a simple one and it is simple I don’t have this problem. It’s just that the project I have, it’s much much “complicated”, there are about 20 classes. I’m afraid that if I can’t run it the only solution could be to close it and reopen it.
Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
My java path is: binjava.exe, my jdk is

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