VEEINK Toddler Girls Polka Dot Bow Back Layered Hem Organza Dress

VEEINK Toddler Girls Polka Dot Bow Back Layered Hem Organza Dress

Looking for a perfect dress for your little girl? Check out VEEINK’s Toddler Girls Polka Dot Bow Back Layered Hem Organza Dress! Made of high quality organza, this dress is perfect for any special occasion. Your little girl will look absolutely adorable in this dress!

Made of soft organza

Sits at the back with bow decoration on the shoulder


Length for kids is 33.5″

The dress features a high open shoulder

Varying in sizes from small to 3XL

Great gift for newborns, infants and toddlers!

100% money-back guarantee. We will gladly change this dress for you, free of charge!

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How to avoid duplication in HTML?

I am currently having the following problem at work. We have a CMS where you can write your HTML template using a GUI. In order to edit the HTML code of the website you can add CSS and JavaScript with the GUI, using some predefined (HTML) forms.
But all the CSS and JavaScript is now stored in separate files, so the HTML already has a lot of code duplicated from CSS and JavaScript. So I started to write some JS to parse the HTML and merge all the needed bits into a single file.
But now every CSS file that’s used in the HTML file will have duplicate code for all the CSS that’s used in that HTML file.
This is a very, very slow process to do manually, so we are now thinking about automating it. I started a project to parse the HTML and merge all the pieces together. But all my code contains a similar looking, structured code inside of it that has to look very different.
There must be some simple solution to this duplicated code problem that I am not aware of. If I find the solution, I will be happy.
UPDATE: It seemed to be easier to implement than I thought it would be. Just write it down, and it’s good to go. But one thing about the method that I used and that still bothers me is the amount of extra CSS that you have to write to make it work because you will most likely have to write extra properties when you write down the HTML template.
Here is an example of the HTML:

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