Men Plaid Buckle Detail Double Breasted Blazer & Suit Pants

Men Plaid Buckle Detail Double Breasted Blazer & Suit Pants

Looking sharp has never been easier with our men’s plaid buckle detail double breasted blazer & suit pants. With a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, we have the perfect look for any occasion.

Men’s Tailored Blazer and Suit Pants


Shop our wide variety of men’s tailored blazer and suit pants to wear every day.

Men’s Tailored Blazer & Suit Pants

Our casual men’s tailored blazer and pants are so trendy that it has inspired other designers. Our selection includes short and long length casuals, business casuals, casual/business casuals, and a variety of colors and styles. Also, we offer men’s tailored pants in different colors and lengths. With so many choices, you should be able to find the perfect look for your new suit and pants.

Safari, crocodile skin and snakeskin, we have them all. Our men’s leather-look blazers and pants are the perfect style for adding a touch of elegance to any look.

We offer a vast variety of colors to chose from and have them custom embroidered by our exclusive in-house service, so you can customize a blazer to your liking.

Men’s tailored blazers and trousers are also ideal for your next formal event and are great to wear with our women’s tailored blazers. With tailored clothes, you can always wear what you want and when you want no matter what the occasion. So find a short or long length to wear in an informal setting and also shop our formal trousers and pant styles.

Our men’s tailored trousers are also in our premium leather look collection. We offer many styles from bootcut to straight leg and many different colors so you can really have your choice of pants to wear. Our leather look collections are made out of top grain leather and include a great selection of slacks and trouser styles.

The styles in this collection are also versatile in the way they can be styled and tailored. Because they are more casual than our formal blazers, pant styles can be dressed up or down with great ease.

With a wide variety of colors and fits to choose from, these fashionable blazers for men are the perfect way to express yourself. It shouldn’t take long to find your perfect fit before you shop the rest of our collection.

Men’s tailored blazers and pants give you the look of a classic suit with the comfort you’ve come to expect from our brands. These tailored pieces are the ultimate expression of your personal style.

With men’s tailored blazers, you can look even better

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